Excel offers consulting services to oil and gas companies as well as private investors for any type of oil and gas work including complete operations inclusive of accounting and revenue distribution, lease acquisition, geological and geophysical interpretations, drilling and completion engineering.

Excel currently operates and/or is a working interest owner in sixty-one (61) oil and gas properties, thirty-five (35) of which are located in the Boonesville Bend Conglomerate Field of Jack County, Texas, and were prospect discoveries for Excel. To date these properties have produced 5.2 billion cubic feet of gas and 107,887 barrels of oil with additional recoverable reserves estimated at 6.0 billion cubic feet of gas and 170,745 barrels of oil.

An experienced, aggressive and growing company with a vision for the future, Excel's founders have a consistently proven ability to implement low risk exploration programs and complete oil and gas consulting services. Honesty, integrity and personal management have been the keys to Excel’s success. Naturally, education and years of experience have also been contributing factors in Excel’s ability to provide professional services for itself and its clients.